#Accessing The Clipboard With JavaScript #http://tutorialzine.com/2016/10/quick-tip-accessing-the-clipboard-with-javascript/ Copy On Click var button = document.getElementById("copy-button"), contentHolder = document.getElementById("content-holder"); button.addEventListener("click", function() { // We will need a range object and a selection. var range = document.createRange(), selection = window.getSelection(); // Clear selection from any previous data. selection.removeAllRanges(); // Make the range select the entire content of the contentHolder paragraph. range.selectNodeContents(contentHolder); // Add that range to the selection. selection.addRange(range); // Copy the selection to clipboard. document.execCommand('copy'); // Clear selection if you want to. selection.removeAllRanges(); }, false); Modify Copied Text document.addEventListener('copy', function(e){ // We need to prevent the default copy functionality, // otherwise it would just copy the selection as usual. e.preventDefault(); // The copy event doesn't give us access to the clipboard data, // so we need to get the user selection via the Selection API. var selection = window.getSelection().toString(); // Transform the selection in any way we want. // In this example we will escape HTML code. var escaped = escapeHTML(selection); // Place the transformed text in the clipboard. e.clipboardData.setData('text/plain', escaped); });